Saturday, July 16, 2011

beach - day 3

our last day on the beach was even more fun, because austin was willing to play more. we think if we would've had another afternoon, or morning, she would have been full-force on the beach! ha! she started acting more herself, because at one point she thought it was funny to throw sand on us, and ben told her, "austin, i will find a corner on this beach!" hahaha... i got the biggest laugh out of that. :)
more writing in the sand...
sand... yum...
arlee and austin... little buddies.
austin tried to work up the courage to get some water in her cone, but she ran back. :)
we left the beach around lunch time to get dressed, and check out of our hotel. we went to another seafood restaurant for lunch, and austin was so tired and bad that i ended up taking her to the car, and ben got my shrimp to go.
she slept for a long time on the way home, but started getting really fussy about an hour and a half from the farm. we stopped there to check on some things, had dinner, then drove home.  ben and i neither one really care about the beach.  we had rather visit historic landmarks, and take guided tours.  haha, we are such nerds.  :)  but having austin at the beach made it so much fun!  now i wish we could go again!

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Shannon Willcutt said...

Looks like ya'll had a great vacation! I have enjoyed seeing the day by day recaps!!

We are going to have to meet one day and get our girls together! You are not far from us!!!!