Friday, July 15, 2011

beach - day 2

our 2nd day at the beach (monday) was fun!  we got up and sunscreened up for the beach, only to hear thunder from our hotel room.  :(  it was dark and cloudy outside, but we decided to go on anyway.  praise the Lord, it was just overcast.  it didn't rain a drop on us, and none of us got sunburned!  (gotta see the silver lining, right?)  :)  austin was not excited about being in the sand at first.
we met up with some friends from church, and had such a fun time.  austin's friend, arlee, isn't afraid of the water, and loves the sand, so she was a big encouragement to austin to jump in and have fun.
just chillin on the beach.  :)
she discovered we showed her that she could get close to the water and write things in the sand, so she enjoyed that for a long time.  as long as the water barely touched her.
miss priss...
around lunch time, we went back to our room to eat.  there was a gourmet sandwich shop right next to our hotel, so ben got us a sandwich.  then we all 3 took a looooong nap.  when austin woke up, she grabbed her backpack, and went to the door.  i think she was ready to G.O.
we went to an early dinner (where we wanted to eat on sunday night), and didn't have to wait for a table.  it was great.  we got crab legs and shrimp, and it was fabulous.  i honestly think i could've eaten 2 orders.  austin got macaroni and applesauce, and she was in hog heaven.
on our way back to the hotel, ben took us to my favorite ice cream place, dippin dots!  we always have to go when we're on vacation!  i got chocolate, and ben and austin shared mint chocolate chip.
i don't think she was expecting the little balls to be so cold.  haha...
but she learned quick!  :)
when we got back to our hotel, we discovered that the pool was heated, so we all went for a swim.  we had forgotten austin's float at home, so we just held her in the water, and she loooooved it!  she would slash and kick!

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