Thursday, July 14, 2011

beach - day 1

it is always really last minute when we take a vacation. in a way it's fun, because i'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda gal, except for the fact that it stresses me out when we can't find a hotel room.  such is life, i guess.  isn't the first time... definitely won't be the last.
ben told me on friday that we could go to the beach this past weekend, and we decided to leave on sunday morning.  hotel rooms were much more expensive than he thought they would be, so we settled on one across the street from the beach for much lower price.  at the very last minute, we decided to leave saturday night, in hopes that austin would sleep the whole way.  it was a good plan... for austin.  for us... not so much.  we could barely keep our eyes open, but we made it almost to mobile, al.  we got a hotel room for the night, and all 3 of us went right to sleep.
sunday morning, we made it down to foley, al, where the outlet mall is.  i think my favorite store this time was the gap outlet.  i found great things for myself, and for austin.  of course, i could've spent a fortune in strasburg and ralph lauren, but i didn't.  ben should be proud.  after making the mall round once, and eating some disgusting pizza for lunch, we went on down to orange beach and checked into our hotel.  i had a headache, so ben entertained austin with Lord knows what, and i took a power nap.  we got dressed for our family photo session on the beach (by the amazing julianna), and took these fabulous photos.  (this next photo is austin touching the sand for the first time.)
we went to 4 different restaurants by the time we found one with anything shorter than an hour wait, and we were so happy to get our hands on seafood!  i could eat my weight in steamed shrimp.  yum!!  when we got back to our hotel, there was a little ice cream shop across the streat, so ben took us for an ice cream cone.  he got a milkshake, and austin thought ice cream through a straw was amaaaaaaazing.  :)  after her bath, she got in the bed herself.  ha!


Veronica said...

Hi there! Long time no visit on your blog. I'm soooo sorry! OMG, I love, love these pics. The one of you and Austin is AMAZING! Hope the rest of your trip goes well! We love the beach and are so spoiled to live only 20 min away! :)

Lane said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love going to the beach! We were just there a couple of weeks ago and I'd do anything to go back again. Although, a childless trip to the beach sounds good this time around. ;)