Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend fun

we had a fun weekend this past weekend.  friday night, we went to some friends' house for dinner.  it's so fun that even though our small group is taking a break for summer, we have still gotten together to eat and hang out together.  they made hawaiian chicken, and grilled it with pineapples... oh my word, it was SO good.

later that night, ben's bff (chris) and my bff (ann marie) came over and hung out.  we have played match-maker!  ha!  i've never set anyone up before, because i've always been too nervous about it not working out, and then being awkward for everyone.  but we decided to go ahead with this one, because for years we have felt like they should get together.  so they had their first date on friday night, and then ann marie spent the night with us. here's chris... (the lighting is making their hair look green, ha!)
and here's ann marie!
even if it doesn't work out with them, we hope that they made a friend, and we love them lots!  saturday, we hung out with her for a while before she left to go home.

sunday, our church had an event called "day in the park," but it was really an afternoon in the park.  :)  we got together and ate, and the kids played.  we had such a fun time even though it was hot!  i forgot to take my camera (i was SO mad about that!), but josh tweeted this photo of austin and jet playing...
here's austin when we got home.  she was so hot and sweaty, but she wanted to watch a movie.  (she didn't, btw.)  :)

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