Thursday, June 16, 2011

time out

austin has been a mixture of sweetness and meanness the last few weeks.  :)  she has started doing things that she knows annoys me, such as messing up my hair, pinching my nose, etc.  if i say "please stop, mama doesn't like that," then she takes it as the go-ahead for more.  she thinks it's hilarious.
her latest thrill is leaning over the back (or the sides) of the couch so far that she's about to fall.  i'm so afraid that she will go over and fall on her head, so i keep telling her stop.  she will do it over and over and over, even though i spank her and tell her no.

well... she laughs at spankings.  i haven't been a big fan of spankings in general, because i can see with her how she has gotten more aggressive by getting spanked.  i think it has taught her how to hit, because she never really tried to hit me until she got spanked more often.  also, it keeps reminding me of a beating for punishment, like in a foreign country, or back in Bible times, and i hate that.  obviously i'm not beating her.  she has been getting a pop on the diaper with a wooden spoon, which i know without a doubt doesn't hurt.  partly because she has a very high pain tolerance, and partly because her diaper is taking the pop, not her booty.

ben and i were both disciplined with spankings as a child, so that is all we knew, really.  everything i have read since austin was born has really discouraged spanking.  now that i tried it, and she didn't respond, i feel so much better knowing it.  but i have been struggling with what to do to get through to her, and i finally found the trick...
...time out!  she will cry for a little bit at first, and then just sit there or pat the walls around her, but she hasn't gotten up.  after maybe a minute or 2, i go talk to her about what she did, and let her get up.  it may not be the answer for long-term, but so far it has worked well for us, and i'm so glad!

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