Thursday, June 9, 2011

this week

we have had a very busy week.  it's thursday night, and i'm in need of saturday already.  :)

tuesday, we had a fun day at home.  austin has learned to open door knobs recently, so when i couldn't find her, i went looking, and found her like this...
(i took this photo after i found her a video on youtube to watch, but this is exactly how she was sitting. ha!)

she also sat on the potty for the first time! nothing happened, but at least she didn't cry. last time i tried to sit her on it, she got scared and cried.  (she fell monday so she has that little cut on her cheek.) :(

austin did great at school on wednesday.  she had spaghetti for lunch, and they said that she ate every bite.  the child can put away some sgetti!  she was ill as a hornet, but came home and took a long nap.  i kept her class at church that night, and we had a good night!

i worked today at the trucking company that i used to work at.  i will also be there tomorrow.  i'm just helping out while they had a family emergency, and the owner's daughter-in-law is keeping austin for me.  i've forgotten how busy that job is!  it was nice because the day went by fast.  and i have to give major props to working moms... i really don't see how you do it, plus keep a house clean, plus cook dinner, etc.  it stressed me out tonight, and made me thankful, once again, that i'm a stay at home mom. after dinner tonight, we let austin go for a spin in her jeep...

i have still been pretty upset about loosing punks.  the nights and mornings have been the hardest, because that was our time together.  we snuggled up every night to go to sleep, and every morning she went to the bathroom with me while i showered and got ready.  her toothbrush is still there by mine.  her shampoo is still on the side of the bathtub.  i know it will get easier, but gosh... this is awful.  a few of you have asked how austin has handled it.  she was right there beside us with the whole heart attack and death, and stood there not knowing what was happening.  when i realized that sydney was gone, i started crying a lot, and that scared austin.  i kept telling her that everything was ok, and she was ok with that.  she had just learned how to say "syd" so she would say "hey syd" and it was so sweet.  that night, after ben had buried her, austin saw her picture on my phone and started pointing to it saying "syd."  other than that, she hasn't done anything.  i haven't noticed her looking around for her or anything like that.

my aunt sent me a card with this verse, and i just love it...

"in His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." -job 12:10 niv

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Anonymous said...

That's great she sat on the potty! I'm glad to hear she likes school so much, Grace is starting on Tuesday and I've been a little worried about it. I'm sure it will be fine though :)