Tuesday, June 28, 2011

library and stuff

austin and i had a fun day today. we went to the library this morning for a little music thing that they had for the kids. It was basically a man that played the guitar, harmonica, kazoo, mandolin, etc., and sang silly songs with hand motions. it was really cute. we got there a few minutes late, so we sat in the back, and she couldn't see really well. after about 20 minutes, it was time to go.
we had a little rain storm this afternoon, which made for some really good napping weather! :) it cooled things off a lot, so austin and i snuggled up with blankets and watched cinderella. she has recently learned to say cinderella, and identify her. she actually says, "lela." :) i think she likes the mice in the movie more than anything.  after dinner, she got to have a little ice cream.  we love bops! (p.s. austin is full-time sitting in a booster seat at the table now!)
i have been begging ben for weeks to hang some pictures for me.  he finally got around to hanging a few, which makes it feel so much homey-er.  i really need to put a more recent photo in this frame...
this is probably my favorite picture on our wall...
i got this canvas made for like $10! not exceptional quality, but hey, it was $10, and i like it. :)

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