Tuesday, June 7, 2011

happy birthday!

after what happened on saturday, the last thing that i could focus on was ben's birthday.  bless his heart... he is the best husband.  he does everything for us girls, and we didn't even have him a card!  :(  my plan was for him to watch austin on saturday afternoon for me, and i was gonna run get him his gift.  well, that obviously didn't happen.  still no card.  still no gift.  but i will make up for it!  we're going shopping for him today.  :)

after church on sunday, we went to eat with some friends, and while ben was getting drink refills, we planned him a small last minute birthday party for that night.  haha.  we couldn't let him do without anything!  i ended up telling him about it that afternoon because he had some stuff laying around the house that he needed to organize and throw away.  that gave us the motivation to get rid of piles.  ben always has a pile of mail, magazines, and newspapers on the counter.  ha!
my mom and ben share a birthday, so we usually celebrate all together.  my mom wanted to go out for japanese and sushi, so they came into town and we went out for dinner.  after that, we had a meeting at church, and after the meeting we all met back at our house with a few friends and had cake and homemade chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  yuuuuuuum.

austin did really good all day until the end.  she was worn out!

happy birthday, gammy!! :)

happy birthday, daddy! we love you!!!!!

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