Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day weekend

we had a great weekend!  friday night we had some friends over and i made spaghetti, austin's favorite.  saturday morning, ben and i took austin to get doughnuts for breakfast.  she loves doughnut holes!  after that, we did a little photoshoot of the 2 of them together.
later that day, gammy, pepaw, and hollie's family came over and we grilled hamburgers and visited all afternoon.  we had so much fun!  ann marie also spent the night with us again, and went to church with us sunday morning.
lala & austin
sunday morning, austin gave her daddy his present.  :)  we gave him a tervis mississippi state coffee mug.
after church, we ate mexican with friends, and then went to bops for ice cream.  austin was asleep when we got home, but woke up in the transition from carseat to bed and never went back to sleep.  :(  so she and daddy played in the yard.  he taught her how to water the flowers.  ha!  she looooooves the water hose!
after we all went to bed, i checked her baby monitor and i told ben that something didn't look right.  this is how we found miss priss asleep in bed.  :)

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Grace said...

My poor baby I hope she has gotten rested up from her weekend!