Sunday, June 26, 2011

birthday, babies, date night, & swimmin

we haven't been doing a whole lot this week, besides either trying to stay cool, or trying not to get blown away. it goes from one extreme to the next.
wednesday while austin was at school, i went to walmart alone for the first time in a while.  it was so nice.  i also scoped out where i want her to take ballet in a couple of years!  :)
i have been working on preparations for austin's birthday party this week.  i know it's not until september, but let me just tell you... i need this much time to get everything together.  it has quickly snow-balled out of control.  imagine that.
austin has really taken an interest in her babies again this week.  she has carried this particular one around everywhere, and calls it her "bay-bay."  ha!  here she was strapping it in her booster seat...
saturday night, daddy took us on a date to eat sushi!  we always order austin a chicken hibachi plate, and she loves the rice!  we also went to walmart, and i only bought a few things for the birthday party.  the more i can get crossed off the list, the better.  :)
today after church, we ate mexican with friends, and then took naps.  after that, we set up this little pool that ben got us!
the water from the water hose was so cold that she didn't want to get in much, but she splashed around a little bit.

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