Wednesday, June 8, 2011

austin's first day of school!

austin is signed up for mother's morning out for this fall, but i didn't plan on signing her up for summer.  she is so active, and i felt like it was time for her to get out of the house more and be with other kids.  her teacher, tiffany, is a friend of mine at church, and she encouraged me to to sign her up for summer, because this fall she will be the oldest in her class, and she will know the ropes.  thankfully, when i decided to do it last week, they had a spot open for her.

after ben's little birthday get-together sunday night, austin got in bed really late.  when it was time to get her up for school, this is what i found... :)
bless her heart... i know she was so tired and didn't get enough sleep.  she just wanted me to hold her in these photos...
paci and smelling her blanket makes everything better... :)
by the time we got there, she took her paci out and was ready to go.  haha.  she went right in, and found things to play with.  she was so excited!  and they were serving biscuits for breakfast!  i wasn't as upset dropping her off as i thought i would be!  neither one of us shed a tear!  :)
when i picked her up, her assistant teacher, mrs. amy, (mrs. tiffany is on vacation this week) said that she did great with the other kids, and she ate really good.  i don't even think she was too happy to see me.  ha!  she was soooo tired!
austin has always been such a sweet girl, but her teacher at church last wednesday night told me that she was a little aggressive that night.  she has been a little more aggresive with me too, and i don't know what to do except to stay consistent with discipline!  it's so frustrating, and emotionally draining to feel like i'm correcting her all day long.  i hope this mother's day out will give both of us an outlet!

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