Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the wedding of the century

prince william was my first "celebrity crush," (along with leonardo dicaprio when romeo & juliet came out).  i was obsessed with him.  i mean ob. sessed.  i truly believed that somehow, someway, we could be together.  ha!  when he started dating kate, i was of course SO jealous.  now that i've dealt with reality i'm older, i seriously don't think that he could've picked a more perfect princess.  i was up at 3:00am to see the live coverage, and it was just magical.  i could watch it over and over and over.
i loved the simplicity, elegance, and intimacy of the ceremony.  i loved her dress.  i loved her choice of tiara.  i loved the meaning behind everything... flowers, cake, lace, etc.  i loved seeing them in love.
my friends and i had a "royal wedding party" to celebrate and to watch it all together.  it was fun because some of them had seen things that i hadn't seen, so we were able to point out different things.  for instance, i didn't see kate say, "i'm so happy" when they got into the carriage.  i also didn't see the queen snob camilla as she was greeting people at the church.  haha, i can't blame her... i don't like camilla.  she's a homewrecker.  anyway, we had so much fun getting together.  we laughed until our abs were hurting.  it was at my friend chelsea's house, and she did such a good job preparing, and she let us use all of her "fancy" stuff!  :)  so fun!!
ashlea either being gaudy, or pretending like she won miss america. i'm not sure which! :)
love these girls!

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