Sunday, May 1, 2011

tornado scare

we have had the craziest weather lately!  it seems like every few days we have had to get to our "safe place" because of tornadoes.  as everyone has seen on the news, wednesday was full of tornadoes.  we are thanking and praising God every day that we didn't get hurt.  here are the photos of a tornado that went right through one of our farms...
(it was not that dark outside, but i have altered the photos so that you could see the outline of the tornado better.)  there was all sorts of trash and debris flying around in the air, and coming down at the house.  we heard later that there was another tornado that spun off of that one, and it was right over the house that we were in.  thankfully, it never touched down.  the storm chasers were on another road watching it.  we were inside, and austin was having fun entertaining the boys.  these guys work at our local farm store, and they came to take shelter with us.  they are ben's buddies.
please continue to keep everyone that was affected in your prayers!

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Alyssa said...

Yikes! Praise the Lord that you guys are safe! Those are some pretty insane photos