Thursday, May 5, 2011

thankful thursday

i had quite a day today.  we ran several errands, waited for lowe's to deliver our new refrigerator, picked out more paint colors, did a little grocery shopping, went to bible study, etc.

about the only time that austin was good was around this time...
that's right... when she was asleep.

i always judged mamas that let their kids open things in the grocery store before they were purchased.  like chips, cookies, etc.  after you have a child of your own, i think you regret saying alot of things.  every once in a while when i have austin in walmart, i have to open something for her to snack on while i shop.  it's about the only way to get through the store without some sort of meltdown.  today, it was a box of 100 calorie packs of goldfish.  she was content snacking on them for quite a while, and then she started acting like a hooligan again.  she refused to eat the last 5 goldfish in her pack, and started dropping them on purpose.  it was time to leave.  when i went to check out... no box of goldfish.  she had thrown the box out of the buggy somewhere.  did you read that?????  THROWN the box OUT of the buggy.  oh my sweet Lord, come and save me, please!!!!!!  i had to explain to not 1, but 3 walmart employees what happened, and finally the manager told me not to worry about it, and gave me a new box to check out with.

she definitely keeps life interesting.

after such a hard day, i couldn't help but to still be thankful for that little booger.  i don't know what i would do without her!  i love her so much!  even when i'm picking up spilled goldfish off of the dirty walmart floor!

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Connie said...

bless your heart. I have been there. Aren't you glad those crazy days aren't everyday!?