Friday, May 27, 2011

my favorite things... may edition.

i have been thinking of creating a cleaning schedule to help me stay on task every day with household chores.  i came across this website, and it is great!  there are schedules, checklists, tips, homemade cleaning recipes, etc.  i bookmarked it as a favorite!

y'all... i can't put into words how wonderful these things are.  amazing.  just amazing.  i always buy the dark classic creme.  we weren't fans of the chocolate dark classic creme.  go get some NOW!

i have always been a fan of home improvement stores, and could spend forever in there.  when we started moving, lowe's became a must.  they have the cheapest moving boxes, and they give away tons of moving coupons!  we even used one to buy our fridge, which helped a lot!  i have been there at least once a week picking up cleaners (see my next item), light bulbs, flowers, flower planters, etc.

when we moved, i vowed to not buy or use any harsh cleaning products that would be harmful to our lungs (mainly austin's), and harmful to the environment.  i knew that method was a trusted brand of all natural cleaners, so i started trying them, and i looooove them!  the only place that has a decently large selection around us is lowe's.  i have the dish soap, anti bac wipes, bathroom cleaners, leather wipes, stainless wipes, shower spray, hand soaps, etc.  they all smell great too!  they also sell other products like body wash and laundry soap.

shrimp po boy
i have been missing out.  every time i go to a certain restaurant in town, i always get a turkey sandwich.  i always hear how wonderful their po boys are, but i've been afraid to try it.  well, i finally did, and it was a-mazing.  i got the shrimp, and ben got the crawfish.  SO good!  i can't wait to go get another one!

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