Sunday, May 29, 2011

girly girl

austin has been a "girly girl" for a while now.  i've posted before that she will sometimes wear her stacking rings on her wrists like bracelets.  now she has real bracelets that she's allowed to play with and keep in her toybox.  (her nice ones are kept in her jewelry box.)  she got her up from her nap the other day with this lime green bracelet on her ankle, and she kept it on there all day until bath time.  ha!
i painted her toenails for the first time.  she has found the little bag that i keep my nail stuff in, and she is always getting into it and bringing me polish.  :)  a child after my own heart.  :)  oh, and we also have to have girly band-aids, of course!
this is one of her favorite spots in the house...  her movie drawer.  she likes to look through all of her dvd's, and study each case.  she's still stuck on alice in wonderland, by the way.

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