Sunday, May 15, 2011

family dedication

i have been excited to dedicate austin since i knew i was pregnant. we were in between churches at the time, and didn't feel like the time was right. when we got involved with pinelake, we asked our pastor, and he advised us to wait and do it there with our new church family, even though austin wouldn't be a "baby" anymore.
i'm so glad that we did wait and do it here.  we invited immediate family, close friends, and our small group.  all of whom have been closest to austin in her 19 months of life.
we had a small sermon on the importance of this night, and also a time of responsive reading. it was basically saying that we dedicate our family to the Lord, and choose to honor Him in our household.
this is austin's verse, and what was on the screen as we went forward for prayer as a family.
we started laughing because austin started singing mid-prayer. ha! josh mentioned something about her having an interest or a talent in music. ha!
i had austin's dress made from etsy.
and the invitations made on shutterfly.  (i have edited the photo to not show private info.)
we are so blessed to have such great friends and family that love us enough to travel hours for this little ceremony. here we are with all of the grandparents...
austin's godmother, and my childhood bff, ann marie...
my cousin, tori...
and of course, miss hollie and her family were there, and our friend julianna! i love how austin is looking at julianna here. ha!  (thank you, janna, for taking photos!!!!!)

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