Monday, April 25, 2011

sippy cups

when austin started using a sippy cup, we tried several different brands.  we chose the nuby cups, because they seemed easier to wash, and she drank from them right away with no problem. for the most part, they are spill proof.  if austin shakes it really hard, or it lands just right on a toy or something, it will leak.  they don't have a valve that goes into the spout, which appealed to me for cleaning reasons.  they are also one of the cheapest sippys on the market.  but we have finally found the downside.
the large plastic spout is apparently good to teethe on, as austin demonstrates in these photos.  well, while doing that, juice, water, or milk goes everywhere.  we have recently discovered that all of the plastic spouts are coming apart from her biting on them.  no wonder they leak so much when she shakes them, or if they are laying on their side on the furniture.  why haven't i checked those things before?!  oh well...
we have thrown away all of her nuby cups, and bought 2 playtex cups to try.  she also still has her foogo cup, and a few more that were given as gifts with her name on them.  i know she won't use them much longer (i hope), but the straw kind doesn't appeal to me because of cleaning.  unless someone can explain it to me differently, i don't see how that straw can ever get good and clean?!  i give her a cup of water every now and then to practice using a real cup, but she obviously isn't ready for that yet.
what brand of sippy does your little one use??  any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem with Grace's sippy cups. She uses the same ones and it is driving me crazy! I am going to buy the playtex one you spoke about next time I go to walmart, I hope it works!

Unknown said...

Bailey uses the Playtex sippy cups (like the one in your blog). They do have a valve, but we haven't had any trouble with them! You can take the valve out and wash everything in the dishwasher! Hope I'm some help!