Monday, March 14, 2011

the weekend recap

we had a great weekend!  friday, we went to lunch with hollie and her sister anna. i mentioned that i really needed to clean up my house, so they took austin off of my hands for the afternoon.  it was so great!  i got all of my vacumming and dusting done.  i even cleaned out all of the windows, and had fresh air flowing through the house.  it was great.  that night, we hung out at home and watched the movie "earth."  it was a good documentary, but to me it was really sad.  :(  i don't like seeing animals die, even if from natural causes.  it's just mostly about the circle of life, and how animals have to kill each other to survive.  the scenery was gorgeous, but it was a little much for me.
saturday, we had a fun day at home.  ben took austin for a little ride, and they hung out outside for a long time.  we took a minor nap while watching alice in wonderland (our new favorite movie).  austin's naps have been crazy lately.  i think she's starting to only need 1 a day, and it's hurting my soul.  ha!  anyway, then hollie came and kept peanut for ben and i to have a date night.  he took me to eat sushi, and it was SO nice to take my time eating!!  (i propose to have date night more often!)  we went to lowes because our dryer took it's last spin on saturday.  he let me pick out a washer and dryer, and i was beyond excited.  i got a set like this...
we also made the usual walmart run, intending to buy a guard rail for austin's bed to turn it into a toddler bed.  we didn't like the looks of the rails, so we decided to just buy a toddler bed.  can anyone else tell me what they did to transition out of a crib??  i would LOVE to get some advice with this!
sunday, we had a great day at church, and a great time at small group.  that afternoon, nathan (a guy from our small group) came and helped ben switch out the washers and dryers!  i have done like 5 loads of laundry today.  i kid you not...  and for the time being, it's fun!  :)
austin has been a good girl lately, for the most part.  our major incident has been that she doesn't like to keep her diaper on if i'm letting her run around the house in her diaper.  she keeps taking it off, whether she's playing, or in her crib.  we had to strip the bed friday, because she took it off and tee-teed everywhere.  today, she was playing in her room, and i went in there to find a naked child, and poop in the floor.  this is a very glamorous job, i tell you.  no more diaper baby... we will always be wearing clothes!!  :)

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Leslie said...

Hey girl!! She looks precious in her MJC!! Nellie Grace took her pj pants & diaper off the other day and her bed was soaked! Thankfully, no poop:)!

The knot top that goes with your blue Bouquet ruffles, is called the Bailey Knot top. You can do an ISO on the MJ Addicts II page on facebook and may be able to find it! Good luck!!