Thursday, March 31, 2011

speedy trip down south

mom, austin, and i went down south this weekend for a short visit.  first, we met up with one of mom's old friends for lunch.
austin was SO bad at lunch, y'all.  i almost cried!  i didn't know what to do with her!  she kept screaming and throwing fits.  i took her to the bathroom twice for a "talking."  the manager felt bad for her and gave her a huge cookie.  great... let's just reward her for being horrible.  :(  oh well... it was super nice of him.  maybe he really felt sorry for me.  ha!  we moved from a booth inside to a table outside, and she chilled out and ate.  sheesh... it was a parenting bad experience.
we hung out at my papaw's house, visited with some family, and took him out to eat for his birthday.  saturday, we had a full day planned, and i was so nervous about how austin would do after her temper tantrum.  that morning, we had her easter/18 mo. photos taken.  here is one of my favorites!  :)
i like it just as much in color...
i'll have to wait to post some more.  my friend kyle (kyle hancock photography) took them, and he did great!  i'm sure it was a treat for him to chase and try to photograph a wild child.  ha!  after that, we had lunch with my grandma at cracker barrell.  she hasn't seen austin in a while, so she was begging us to visit with her for a little while.
she bought austin a little bunny that sings "Jesus loves me," a little purse, a sucker, and a 4th of july outfit.  when we left her, we went straight to a 50th anniversary celebration for some good friends of ours.  we left not long after it started, because austin hadn't had a nap all day and was starting to get ill, and we needed to start our way home.  it was a good, but too fast of a trip!

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