Monday, March 28, 2011

random updates

it feels like we have been so busy, but when i think about it, we really haven't been doing a whole lot.  i guess that's the way it always goes with a toddler.  :)
austin is obsessed with alice in wonderland.  we watch it almost every day at some point.  usually after lunch when i'm trying to wind her down for a nap.
she is into everything these days.  like climbing up things, and getting her hand stuck in this bank.  i feel like i'm always saying, "austin, no!"
our weather has been crazy.  it's either short sleeve and shorts weather, or jacket weather.  when it's pretty outside, i try to take her out for a while.  she loves being outside!
she has been doing pretty good about eating meals.  she ate 2 bowls of broccoli and cheese soup recently.

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