Saturday, March 26, 2011

my favorite things... march edition.

welcome to my march edition of my favorite things! :)

i have always loved pottery barn.  when i was a teenager, i would flip through the pottery barn teen catalog and want everything in it.  when i got married, i flipped through the pottery barn home catalog and i still want everything in it.  :)  now, were are on to the pottery barn kids, and they have the cutest. stuff. ever.!!  anything austin needs, or that we want to get for her, i check their website 1st.  it may be a tad higher than other places, but you can usually get it on sale after season (everything but furniture).  everything is very quality made, too.

i have worn american eagle jeans since high school.  now that i'm a "grown up," i feel so old going in there, and i just hate it.  now i shop at either boutique stores, gap, or ann taylor loft, and while i absolutely love the loft, they don't usually have just normal blue jeans.  after all of my searching, i finally found jeans that fit me, and i can get them in a short length for my shortness!

i'm a day late and a dollar short with the whole harry potter thing.  i am just now getting into the story, and watching the movies, and now i am addicted.  i think i may try to read the books soon.  we have only seen the 1st 3 movies, but we watch them as fast as our netflix fairy can bring them!

rustic furniture
i'm really into the antiqued/weathered look in furniture these days.  i want my dining room table to be similar to the one pictured above.  we'll see if that dream comes true.  i find myself wanting to sand down every piece of furniture that we own, and change it up.  but i won't.

i have been addicted to clorox wipes for years.  they are just so handy, and they clean up anything!  well, after my adventure into the organic/natural world, i have come across these babies.  i have the lemongrass & thyme scent, and i like it, but i like trying out different scents too.  they clean just as good as the clorox in my opinion, and they're all natural!

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