Wednesday, March 9, 2011

big girl food?

i have been trying to branch out with austin with her food and snacks.  she eats anything we eat for dinner, and for lunch we eat a sandwich, left overs, random things (like a boiled egg, grilled cheese, etc.), or we go out.  for snacks we eat a lot of fruit, fruit bars, graham crackers, etc.  she still doesn't chew very well, but lately she loves raisins.  ben started giving them to her, and now she begs for them.
she does good with snacks in a bowl.  she will sit in her chair and eat them, and bring me the bowl for more.  i've also started making her oatmeal and grits for breakfast some.  i don't know why i haven't done that before, but we are freshly stocked with them now.  our regular breakfast item is yogurt.  thankfully, she hasn't gotten sick of it.  it's so good for your immune system.  i've been letting her eat her yogurt, oatmeal, and grits with a spoon by herself.  we usually end up taking a morning bath after breakfast.  ha!  she's learning to do it decently well, if she would just not play in it when she's full.  :(  she does great with her fork for lunch and dinner.

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