Thursday, March 17, 2011

eighteen months

  • you weigh 21 lbs. and 12 oz.
  • you are 33 inches tall.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper.
  • you wear mostly 18 mo. clothes, depending on the brand.
  • you wear a size 4 shoe.
  • you are 100% self-feeding now.  it's nice, but is also a little sad for us!
  • you love to be outside!!
  • your vocabulary includes: bye bye, dada, mama, juice (not clearly), uh oh, i love you mama (not clearly), hey, and baby.
  • you are starting to really hate riding in the car!  you still have to wait a while before we can let you face forward in your seat.  :(
  • your favorite toy right now is your shopping cart, and random things like empty bowls.
  • you love to wear bracelets!  if i wear bangles, you have to wear a couple of them.  they always get lost, but oh well.  :)  you also put your stacking rings on your wrists at home like you are wearing bracelets.  maybe you'll be a girly girl after all.  :)
  • your favorite food of all right now is probably cheerios.  you like all kinds.  lately, i have bought the whole grain, fruity, and yogurt kinds, and you love them all.
  • you much prefer juice to milk.
  • you run around outside, but if you stumble and fall, you whine for me to clean off your hands.
  • you l.o.v.e. the cheese dip at the mexican restaurant!  like eat-it-with-a-spoon love.
  • you love church!  you run to the door when we get out of the car, and you walk around like you own the place.
  • your favorite show is still blues clues.
  • your favorite disney movie so far seems to be alice in wonderland.  we have watched it several times lately.
  • you are still taking 2 naps a day, most days.  you usually go to bed around 8pm and sleep until 7:30-8am.
  • you are such a sweet girl most of the time.  people comment to me all of the time on how sweet you are to other kids/babies.
  • you apparently love spaghetti!  i gave you a bowl with cut up meatball and noodles, and a little sauce, and you ate 2 whole bowls!
  • you are still tossing and turning all over your crib during the night, but i started putting you to bed laying your head on a small pillow.
  • you sleep with your blanket and your teddy bear every night.  occasionally, you want to bring minnie mouse or hello kitty with you, too.
  • you already have a love for shoes.  you like to wear your little slippers around the house, and you love to try to put shoes on yourself during the day if i forget and leave your closet door open.  we also keep rainboots or crocs at the back door, and you like to carry those around with you until i help you put them on.
one year ago...
"but from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children—" -psalm 103:17


The Lindley Family said...

Absolutely LOVE that first picture...she is such a doll!

Leslie said...

Happy 18 months, sweet girl!!! She is so precious!!! Love her MJC:)!