Thursday, February 17, 2011

seventeen months

austin, you are seventeen months old!!
  • you weigh 21 lbs. and 8 oz.
  • you are 32 inches tall.
  • you wear a size 3 diaper, and we started using cloth diapers!
  • you wear 12-18 mo. clothes.
  • you wear size 3 and 4 shoes.  (haven't changed anything from last month.)
  • you l.o.v.e. to be outside!  when i need to go inside, or it's time to go in, you throw a fit and get into trouble.
  • you open your mouth when you are concentrating on something.
  • you are doing so good eating with a fork and spoon.  you still need a lot of practice, but you are getting there.
  • you are sleeping great through the night, and still taking 2 naps a day.  i think your morning nap is your favorite.  you don't fight it at all.
  • you cried this past sunday at church when i took you to your class.  it was the first time that you've ever done that.  i was really sad to leave you.  :(  (i think it was because you weren't feeling that good, and your teacher was sick, so you had a new lady.)
  • you love to say, "uh oh."
  • your new favorite show is blues clues.  you will sit there and almost watch the entire episode.
  • you can say "e-i-e-i-o" from old mcdonald had a farm.
  • you love to help me do anything that i will let you help with.
  • you are picking up on so much stuff that it amazes me.  just last night at dinner, you reached for your napkin, wiped your mouth, and set it back down on the table without me saying, "austin, let's wipe your mouth," and doing it for you.
  • your favorite toy right now is probably your magna doodle.  you still love your books and phones though.
  • you are super attached to your daddy lately.  you cry when he has to go to work in the mornings, or at lunch.
  • you have a lot of teeth now!
  • you have learned to really splash in the bathtub, resulting in me and the floor being soaking wet during bath time.  i usually put a towel down on the floor.  you have a blast.
  • you have been sick for a while now, and i'm not sure your medicine is kicking it.  we may have to visit doc again.  your medicine has made you so sleepy and whiny.  you must feel really bad sometimes.  your cough sounds horrible.
  • you are good about sharing toys sometimes, and sometimes you aren't.  this mostly happens at church.  i only get to see you interacting on wednesday nights, because i usually watch your age group.
  • you are obsessed with baby einstein dvds.  you beg to watch them several times a day.
  • you are a big snacker.  your favorite snacks are cheerios, fruit, fruit bars, dried fruit, goldfish, and i still give you puffs occasionally.
one year ago...
"children are a heritage from the LORD..."  -psalm 127:3


Grace said...

I love that sunset photo!!!! Good job!

Love ya,

Julianna said...

LOVE the sunset photo and the landscape (the second photo)? OMG. Go ahead, gur! ;) Precious!