Thursday, February 24, 2011

my favorite things... february edition.

welcome to my february edition of my favorite things.  too bad we're not all on the oprah show getting favorite things gifts, but you know... such is life.  :)

i am usually not a fan of light colored polishes on my toes.  i think because my skin is so incredibly fair, i feel like light colors don't give me any "pop" of color.  i got 2 of essie's new spring colors to try, and for some random reason put this color on my toes.  surprisingly, i really like it!  it's only downfall is that it doesn't have any shimmer or glitter to it, which i really like, but it's still pretty cute.  it's warm enough here for flip flops, so i had to get my feet semi ready for spring.  you know how it is in the south.  no polish = no toe showing of any kind.

our church has what they call L3... learn live lead.  learn about Christ, live like Christ, and lead others to Christ.  as part of that, we have what is called an L3 Bible reading plan.  our church as a whole (most people, i assume) follow the daily reading plans.  there are 2 plans that you can choose from.  it's so fun to be able to talk with others about our L3 readings, and how God is using that in our lives.  i think it's pretty awesome that the leaders of our church are reading the same verses as i am each day.  it has also really helped me to stay on track, and to be accountable to my Bible reading time.  i'm also a part of a Bible study group of ladies that discuss our L3 for the week.

i tell everyone that i seriously need rehab for this stuff.  but i mean, how cute is this?!?!  who can pass up this outfit?!  matilda jane has been in my favorites before, but i had to bring it back because i had my trunk show earlier this month.  austin's new clothes came in thursday, so we have been ooing and aaing over them all weekend.  yes, she got this outfit too.  the 2nd spring collection will be released march 1st, and i can't wait.  ben needs to find a gold mine.  or plant a money tree.  or both.

i had rather do my grocery shopping at kroger any day than walmart.  for many reasons... 1. less crowded.  2. i'm not tempted to buy movies, toys, or household items that we don't need.  3. you can build up points for cheap gas.  4. they have more specialty things for our area, like imported cheese, and more organic products.  5. their produce department always looks great.  6. you can go to their website, and click to put coupons on your kroger card so that you don't have to keep up with paper coupons.  if you don't use them, they expire and magically disappear.  7. i recently discovered that they have a foundation, and do a lot of charity work with their company.  (walmart does a lot of charity work too.)  8. at 1 of our local krogers, they always ask if i need help loading up my car, which is a blessing if you're pregnant, elderly, handicapped, or have a fussy toddler.  i usually say no thanks, but i love it that they offer.  9. they have car-shaped shopping carts for kids that my child loves. she pretends she's driving through the store, and while they are harder to get around, it's worth it to have her entertained.  10. i don't have a 10th reason, but i couldn't let there only be 9.  :)

i have a blackberry, and the best twitter app in the universe for it is ubersocial.  they were previously known as ubertwitter, and apparently violated some sort of rule that twitter had, so they were recently given the boot.  they revamped, renamed, and are now called ubersocial.  for those few days that i didn't have it on my blackberry, i was extremely annoyed, and when it came back, i was extremely happy.  who knew that i could be thankful for a phone app?  rediculous.

i started using aloette skincare a few months ago, because my skin is insane, and i am apparently hormonal, so i suppose that doesn't help me out any.  but, i still use clinique makeup for the most part.  i recently bought a new "every day" eyeshadow, and i think it's one of my favorites. if i wear it just going to the grocery store or something, i wear just a little bit to give my eyes a dab of color, and it's a really light sparkly brown.  you can also build it up, so that it's darker for a going out occasion.  (that is a reaaaally old photo of clinique packaging! ha!)

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Lisa & Ryan said...

I love that Essie nailpolish. Where do you buy Essie stuff? I've never seen it in any stores. Also, you are going to have to show me how to make a cool heading like yours at some point. I'm still trying to figure out the photo thing.. haha

Connie said...

#10 for Kroger...they double your paper coupons up to 55 cents. Woo hoo they are my favorite too.

Katie said...

OMG I am all about Matilda Jane! Unforch I cant afford any of the clothes :( But they are so cute!

The Suburban Style Life said...

I love all of your favorites!!! The eyeshadows look beautiful, I imagine they are just gorgeous on.

Love the new blog design too!!! Your sweet girl is getting so big.