Thursday, February 10, 2011

more snow

we are stuck at home today, and i am NOT complaining. i was already thinking about skipping bible study today because we are so tired!
i had to take austin to the pediatrician yesterday, because her little runny nose was taking a turn for the worse, including a bad cough. when we went in the office, it was barely snowing. when we came out, it was snowing pretty good. (doc hooked us up with some special cough syrup!) after her appointment, i had to drop off the matilda jane clothes to another lady that's having a trunk show this weekend. on my way, it started snowing a lot! i have never driven in snow before, so i was really nervous. but we made it there, got her prescription filled, ran by the coffeehouse for some hot chocolate, and headed home. the plan was to stay around for church, but church was can canceled due to the weather. austin was so cute in her valentine getup...
here is jesse james in what had accumulated at our house last night around 8... (and it must be snowing in hell, because ben let jesse sleep inside last night! he was happy man, and begged to stay inside longer at 5am, so ben let him stay in until he got up this morning. we'll see who wins tonight.)
sydney did NOT want to go outside, but she did want to eat as much snow as i would bring inside for her...

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