Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cloth - part 3 - cloth wipes

if you missed it, and are interested, here is part 1, and part 2.

it wasn't long after i started using cloth diapers that i thought... i'm washing the diapers, why not wash the wipes?!  i ordered 2 brands of wipes...  bumgenius (my favorite diaper) and fuzzi bunz (my 2nd favorite diaper).  the bumgenius wipes were much cheaper, but if i had it to do over again, i wouldn't have ordered them.  they are ok, and they get the job done, but the material is flannel, and not very soft.  maybe they will get softer the more i wash them?  i don't know.  the fuzzi bunz wipes are double sided, one with cotton, and one with fleece (they also make just a solid cotton wipe), and they are super duper soft!  so again, they are probably twice the money, but worth it, in my opinion.

so here we go... how on earth does this work?  i'll show you.

when i first got the wipes, i washed them in the same load as the cloth diapers.  cold rinse, hot wash with soap, cold rinse again, and then dryer.

i filled my sink up with warm water, and used a smidge of california baby diaper area wash.   (this can also be used full strength, sprayed right onto the bottom, if needed.)  i didn't measure it... i poured just a little bit.  i have also heard of mom's using just a few drops of head-to-toe body wash, and some use just plain ole water.
the bumgenius wipes took a little bit to fully soak in the water (another reason why i wasn't crazy about them), so i let them soak for a little bit.  the fuzzi bunz wipes, all i had to do was put them down in the water, and they were good to go.  next, you squeeze out excess water.  not enough that the wipe is dry, but so that it's not dripping.
then i fold the wipe in 1/2, and roll.  i had the diaper warmer ready to go (this is a prince lionhart, so it has the pad that has to be wet on the bottom), put in the wipes, and wa-la.  (you can see what a better quality the fuzzi bunzs on the left are, compared to the bumgenius on the right.)
during a diaper change, the used wipe(s) goes in the diaper pail with the used diaper.  they go through the wash with them, as well.  they are buddies, and don't like to be separated.

i was warned not to have so many wipes that you don't go through them in about 2-3 days.  apparently if they sit wet in the wipe warmer for too long, they can start to get moldy.  gross.  that hasn't happened to me.

one of the things that i love most about this is that i can easily clean austin's hands and face.  often times if i would use a disposable wipe (pampers or huggies) on her face a lot, she would get red or break out.  especially when she was smaller.

well, this brings my "cloth" series to an end.  i hope that i have taught you a few things, and that you won't be, or aren't afraid to try something new!!  :)  let me know if i can help you!

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very interesting to read about you using cloth diapers! :)