Friday, February 18, 2011

cloth - part 2 - our routine

if you're just now tuning in to my "cloth" series, you can read part 1 here.

ok, so you have learned that my favorite diaper is the pocket diaper.  you have also learned that my favorite brand is bumgenius, and specifically my favorite diaper is the 4.0 all in one diaper with snaps.  big deal.  now what?

well, let me explain our routine.

first of all, if austin is in a clothdiaper, and ben is on duty, when he changes her, he puts on a disposable.  when we leave home to go anywhere, we put on a disposable, and pack disposables in the diaper bag.  i'm not psycho-cloth-diaper-woman.  but i have switched from pampers to seventh generation.  they are chlorine free, and don't have any fragrance or latex.  better for the earth, and better for my girl.

when you buy cloth diapers, the first thing to do is wash them.  several times.  the instructions will tell you what to do.  if i remember right, i washed the inserts 6 times (only once with detergent).  it helps to build up their absorbency.  i'm not a rocket scientist, so i don't really understand the whys about everything, i just follow the directions, and take my friends' advice.  and, it takes 1/2 the detergent as regular loads.

when they are done in the dryer, i stuff the diapers with the inserts, and put them in austin's room ready to go.  like this photo i showed you before...
when we're home and using cloth diapers, i do check austin more often, and probably do a diaper change a little more often than i did when i used pampers.  i had rather change her more frequently than have to worry about leaks.  when we do a diaper change... obviously, you flush solids in the toilet, and then the diaper, insert and all, go in the diaper pail.
remember how i said before that they also make disposable inserts for cloth diapers?  well, if you must apply diaper rash cream, then you must use a disposable insert.  if you don't, it will make the diaper not want to absorb.  (i can't remember the technical words for that!)  thankfully, austin hardly ever needs cream, so we haven't had to worry about that.  anyway, i also have this bag to use if i need to.  (it's made my fuzzi bunz.)  i used it at first, but decided to use the pail for the cloth diapers, and just throw the disposable ones in the kitchen trash, since there aren't but a couple a day.
the good thing about the gdiaper, even though i'm not a fan of it and the velcro, is that you can toss the insert and the liner in the diaper pail, and reuse the diaper itself.  i use it about 3 times before i wash it, unless it gets wet or dirty, of course.  when we're on our last diaper, i take the bag to the washing machine, and 1 by 1 pull the diapers out, remove the inserts, and put them all in the wash.  (btw, that pink fuzzi bunz bag is washable, so if i put the diapers in there, i wash the bag in the same load too.)  i do a rinse with cold water first.  then wash, with detergent, with hot water.  as i said before, it only takes 1/2 of the detergent as a normal load.  since i use an all natural laundry soap, i don't have to buy a special cloth diaper soap, but they are available in case of ammonia build-up or if your detergent just isn't getting them clean.  i use my trusty laundry soap from goat milk stuff.  during the hot water wash cycle, when it gets to the last rinse, i add some plain white vinegar to the water.  it helps to cut the ammonia, and freshen the dipes.  after the hot wash, i do another rinse with cold water.  you need to make sure that all soap is gone so your baby doesn't have a reaction.  (that's never happened to us, but i was warned.)  after that, they go in the dryer.

it may seem like a lot more laundry to do, and if you're like me, the last thing you need is another pile of laundry to wash and fold.  BUT, it really isn't that big of a deal.  i'm constantly doing laundry anyway, so it doesn't feel any different to me.

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Eve said...

I just started CDing in Nov w/ my then 15 month old. I blogged about it too. I take my inserts out before I put them in the pail and use a liner so I can just flip the bag inside out and toss it in the wash. I don't have to touch the dipes again until they are clean. We've worked out our issues and have a few disposables left, then we aren't buying anymore.