Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cloth - part 1 - diaper preference

just thought that i would share my cloth diapering experience with y'all, in case some of you are interested in doing it. i have only been doing it for a few weeks, but i really do love it.

first of all, i always said that i would NEVER use cloth diapers.  never, ever, EVER.
my interest in cloth diapers started a long time ago, but every time i looked into them, i felt overwhelmed.  there are so many different brands and styles, and i had no clue what i was shopping for.  finally one night on twitter, i asked some of my twitter buds that i knew cloth diapered.  they explained everything that i needed to know to get started, and encouraged me to try different kinds.  i made my first purchased and was so excited!  i got 6 diapers, all different brands to try.  1 i returned right away, because i saw that it needed a separate diaper cover.  i tried out the others, and after going through all of them once, i learned really quick that i prefer snaps to velcro.
the velcro gets to be a big pain when it comes to washing and drying, because if you don't have it closed just right, it sticks to everything else in the load.  so i sold the velcro ones on ebay, and since then have started building my stash with snaps.  since i've been using them for a few weeks now, i have learned that my favorite brand is bumgenius, and my favorite style is the 4.0 one-size pocket diaper with snaps.  i like fuzzi bunz too, but not quite as well.  bumgenius comes in all of these cute colors...
if you are interested in cloth diapers, you should read this.  it explains all of the different types that you can choose from.  what i chose is called a pocket diaper.  the inside is like this...
you stuff the diaper with an insert (2 at night) in what looks like a pocket.  it goes in where it says "covered insert opening" in that photo.  the outside of the diaper is waterproof, so no need for a separate cover, and the inside is lined with some of the softest material i've ever felt.  there are several snaps on the front that make the diaper adjustable for babies 7 lbs to 35+ lbs.  pretty cool, eh?  you can use any brand of insert, but the bumgenius insert looks like this...
in my stash right now, i have bumgenius, fuzzi bunz, and gdiapers.  the only reason that i have gdiapers is because i couldn't sell it on ebay, so i just kept it.  (they are velcro.)  the gdiaper is a hybrid diaper, meaning it is an outer cover, snap in waterproof liner, and absorbent insert.  the insert for hybrids can also be disposable, even flushable.  we have some disposable inserts, but have never tried them.  i'm not a huge fan of hybrid diapers, because i feel like the insert isn't held in place very well.  it just sort of lays there, unlike the pocket diapers where they are held in place better.  the gdiaper looks like this...
i hope this post has made sense.  if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!  i would love to help you get started!

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Leslie said...

wow...those are not my mother's cloth diapers!!! Those are high tech!!! Interesting!!!You go!

By the way, I love all of her cute Matilda Jane outfits! SHe looks so precious!! Hope you are well!!!