Tuesday, February 1, 2011

birthday weekend

we have had such pretty weather this past week!  austin got to play outside some with her swing, wagon, and jeep.
i taught her how to make the jeep go, but she is more concerned with changing the station on the radio.  and opening and closing the door.
we had some special visitors come into town this weekend.  papa fred and moma marion came to visit, and to celebrate my birthday with us.
my mom made me just what i asked for... an ice cream cake!
it was SO good! and she said it was really easy!
austin went to church with gammy and pepaw sunday morning, while ben and i drove back home to our church.  our small group is so sweet, and my friend megan made me cupcakes for my birthday!  :)  my papaw also came into town on sunday.
on monday, my actual birthday, we goofed off around the delta, and visited the b.b. king museum.
after that, we all had dinner together...
having another birthday wasn't that bad.  thanks to everyone who made it special!  especially my sweet hubby who drove 2 hours to the delta just to have dinner with us!

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The Lindley Family said...

When Addison got her Barbie Jeep, it took her a while to be interested in anything other than changing the radio stations! Our neighbor across the street was a boy AND younger than Addison and he could whip his jeep in the garage in no-time - Lee commented that even at a young age this was typical driving differences of men and women!! I need the recipe for that ice cream cake - it looks divine! Happy Birthday!!!