Wednesday, January 5, 2011

playing & 15 mo check up

we didn't do a thing monday.  it was so nice.  i tried to get caught up on laundry, which i didn't, and austin played.  most of the day she played with this trash can.  don't ask me why.
she did take a little time out of garbage-can-playing to read a story about snow white, apparently.  :)  she got a set of these little princess board books from us for christmas, and she loooooooves them.
poll... should i trim her hair or not?? some people are telling me to, but i really don't want to. :( i know it will make it thicker, but i don't know if i should.  if she's awake, i have to put a bow or clip in it to keep it out of her eyes.  but isn't that just how it goes when their hair is growing out??  here's the mop after a nap...
yesterday, austin had her 15 month check up.
she loves playing with the toys in the waiting room.
  • length - 31.5 inches
  • weight - 21 lbs. 12 oz.
  • head - 18.5 inches
she was so pitiful when she got her shots. :( she didn't scream, but she looked at the nurse and cried the saddest cry. poor baby.  :(  i felt so bad for her, but i had to go to the post office and walmart, and she was a trooper in walmart!  she was good through the whole store, and took a little nap on the way home.


Grace said...

Poor Gammy's baby!!!! After all those toys and she chooses the trash can! LOL

Julianna said...

love that scarf ;) and I love her sweater!