Monday, January 3, 2011

new years, tornado, bowl game

we celebrated the new year at our parents' house, along with mark and karen!
austin made herself right at home!
we had bad weather in the delta while we were waiting on midnight to roll around.  we played board games, and had a good time.  when ben and i went to bed, austin decided that it was time to party.  y'all... she stayed awake from 1am to around 5am!!  i was so desperate for sleep, i was almost in tears.  ben stuck it out with me.  we both tried everything to get her to sleep, and nothing worked.  finally she went to sleep, and we were woken up with an early phone call to tell us that our community suffered a lot of tornado damage!
seiler houseunruh shop
(photos by the beacon)
we made sure that there was nothing we could do to help, so we went to some friends' house to watch mississippi state's bowl game!  we WON, 52 to 14 against michigan!!
gator bowl win
(photo from
if you are familiar with our team, you know that the #36 jersey is the jersey of a teammate, nick bell, that passed away this year from cancer.  a few of the teammates got to wear it during games.  this is chris relf wearing the jersey, and accepting the mvp award.

we met back up with our parents', mark and karen, and our baby for burgers for dinner, and to celebrate the win! while we waited for our food, austin begged for lemons.  she's weird sometimes.  :)

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Ashley said...

I can see that someone is a "Matilda Jane" fan! I am in love with that brand! Cutie pie for sure ;)