Sunday, January 16, 2011

new look, magna doodle, diapers, cookies, & sunday

do y'all like my blog's new look?!  i love it!!  if you're interested in giving your blog a makeover, check out sweetie baby's!
we had another lazy week.  it was so nice to be able to catch up on laundry and just stay inside away from the cold!  i thought i would sneak a photo of austin asleep, and my automatic focus woke her up.  :(  she has gotten to be such a light sleeper.  :(
she has really been getting into the magna doodle.
cloth-diapering is going great!!!!  never in a million years would i have thought that i would be doing this, but i am loving it so far!  she is so cute in them!  i have already discovered that i prefer snaps to velcro, so i'm in the process now of selling the velcro diapers (on ebay), and buying more snaps.  in the meantime, we're back to "paper panties," as gammy calls them.
i made austin homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  she loved them.  they were so good fresh from the oven.
we had a super busy day today.  we went to both services at church, and had to be there by 9.  she stayed in her classroom until 12, then she went to eat lunch with our parents while we had small group.  after that, we had a basketball game.  poor thing... we weren't even off of campus before she was asleep in the car.  she did so well, though.


Grace said...

The new look is really cute!!!

Leslie said...

The last picture is my favorite...she is so beautiful!!!! Her hair is getting so long! Hope you are well!!!