Thursday, January 27, 2011

natchez recap

as you may have guessed from my previous post, ben took me on a little anniversary getaway to natchez! if you don't know, natchez is a town in mississippi that is known for its antebellum mansions.  it is right on the mississippi river, so it was one of the first towns that was settled.  ben and i both really love history, and taking tours, so we have been really wanting to go.  we stayed at monmouth plantation, which is a bed & breakfast, and it was amazing!  we stayed in the main house, had breakfast in the garden room, and also had a 5 course meal in the dining room one night.  drinks and hors d'oeuvres were also served every evening in the lounge and study.  the service was outstanding. 
we toured 5 homes while we were there. this is longwood, and it's architecture was stunning.  also, all of the furniture was original, which was so fun...
us on the famous unsupported spiral staircase at auburn...
me playing the piano at auburn...
we were the only couple at auburn at that time, so we got to take our time, and they let us go up and down the staircase.  here are some more auburn fun things... (tea, original china setting, and imported very expensive vase)
we toured dunleith, but the tour guide was such a *&^%$# (there is no word to describe him, no joke) that we didn't even enjoy that tour for a single second.  house is beautiful, though...
our favorite tour was melrose. everything in it was original. even little wooden toys in the kids' bedroom. so fun to see, and the tour guide was great!  (the tour guide can totally make or break the tour!)
we ate at some fabulous places!! this is king's tavern, oldest building in natchez, and BEST cheesecake in the entire universe. also? it's haunted (supposedly).  and yes, we went to the very top, wood creaking and all, and yes, i was very afraid.
ben at mammy's cupboard...
on the way home, we stopped at windsor ruins...

this trip made me so proud to be from the south!!!!!  :)


Grace said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Ash you did a great job!

Veronica said...

Can I just say how beautiful your pics are here? :) Glad you both had a great time. Those places looked amazing!