Friday, January 28, 2011

my favorite things... january edition.

here are my current favorite things...

1. herbal essence tousle me softly spray gel - this stuff has changed my life!  doing my hair is SO much easier, especially when i wear it "messy."  usually i use a product like this for a few weeks, and then me and my hair both get sick of it.  not this.  it's wonderful.
2. TOMS black women's glitters - i pretty much knew when i ordered these shoes that i would love them, but i reaaaaally do.  they go with everything... dressy or casual.
3. chocolate croissants - i have been buying croissants to eat my sandwiches on for lunch, just to have a little something different than lunch bread.  sandwiches are easy to get sick of anyway.  well, i remembered that one time ben and i went to panera, and i had a chocolate croissant.  this is my new favorite snack, or dessert.  just melt some milk chocolate in a boiler (i use ghirardelli), split open and lightly toast croissant, spread on chocolate goodness, and enjoy.
4. essential cleansing oil makeup remover - i started using aloette several weeks ago.  my skin was giving me fits again, and nothing seemed to be working.  i have always wanted to try aloette because the thought of everything having aloe in it (which, duh, is a skin-healer) really appealed to me.  i took some of my christmas money and bought a kit, and i have loved it.  it took a few weeks, but my skin is SO much better.  this is probably my favorite product in the whole kit.  i look forward to using it every night.  i can't even begin to describe how good it smells!
5. ebay - i have always loved ebay, but lately, i have really been getting into it.  i have been buying and selling... resulting in lots of time on ebay.  :)


Julianna said...

I'm gonna do my faves too! (probably tonight) so once I do, comment with your link to this post on it! :)

Katie said...

Okay...I have been thinking about selling a couple of things on ebay but I'm skeeered! Can you do a "Tips for Ebay Selling" post? Or Ebay 101? Pretty please?????