Sunday, January 2, 2011

lazy week & playing outside

the week between christmas and new years, we didn't do much, which was great.  we got dressed one day, and met gammy for lunch, and made some exchanges from christmas.  i had gotten ben the wrong size clothes.  we ate sushi for lunch, which is my new favorite thing!  if you would've asked me 6 months ago if i ate sushi, i would have said, "sick! no!"  but i tried it again (cooked!) and loooove it.  we also went by the church and helped to lay down some carpets for the preschool rooms.
the weather hasn't been that cold, so i let austin go outside and play a little bit one day.
she even got her daddy to push her on the swing.
sydney and i watched from the window.  :)
austin is loving her new chair.  when i gave her a snack that day, she ran and crawled up in it.

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