Tuesday, January 4, 2011

finally..... church!!

we have been waiting for months and months, preparing for this new church campus to launch, and we had our first sunday morning service together sunday!  our launch for everyone is this sunday, january 9th, if anyone in the area is interested, please contact me!
i was so excited, i could barely stand it! austin probably wondered what on earth was going on. she's used to playing with daddy on sunday mornings, and then taking a nap while we watched the service online. she slept part of the way there, and then she fussed the rest of the way. but she looooooooooved her class! she had no problem leaving mama, and playing with her new friends. special thanks to her teacher, mrs. stacie! :) all the way to the restaurant for lunch, she sang in her carseat. she was SO happy!
ben took me to eat sushi for lunch!  i've been wanting to go back ever since i discovered a new roll that i like.
wasn't peanut cute for her first day of church???  :)
she has really befriended the wii remotes, even more than usual lately.
i can give her a bowl of goldfish or cheerios for a snack now, and she eats them like a big girl!  (i'm sure she will grow to love this naked photo!)  :)

side note- the passion conference is going on in atlanta right now.  if you want to see something truly AMAZING, head over HERE, and check out the sessions.  hurry... each session only stays online for 24 hours!  chris tomlin, david crowder band, louie giglio, beth moore, francis chan, and many more!


Anonymous said...

I love her Matilda Jane dress, it is so cute on her! We just moved to a parish with a Sunday school and I have been so excited to bring Grace. We are going to try it out this week for the first time. I hope Grace loves it as much as Austin did.

Julianna said...

LOVE her pink converse.
LOVE that she loves her chair.
LOVE the Matilda Jane outfits.
(had to get caught up on your posts!)