Wednesday, January 12, 2011

catching up - part 2

our weather folks had been predicting us to have really bad weather starting on sunday. ben and i were supposed to leave for atlanta on saturday, but we refused to miss the launch of the church. we had decided to leave right after church on sunday, and be back wednesday for renewal (our wednesday night service). after all of the snow, ice, rain, and sleet predictions, we decided to stay home.  i will admit, it was a little scary driving home from church sunday in the snow.  it was really snowing good!  a sight that we hardly ever see! (here is austin sunday night as it was snowing. ha! i don't think she cared.)
we had stocked up on water and batteries in case we lost our electric.  we even filled our bathtub full of water to have on hand.  ha!  turned out that we didn't need any of that.  it was just a fun day to be at home on monday! our neighbors were out of town, so we brought their dog home with us to keep her warm. :) here is miss charlie mae...
ok, so living in mississippi, we don't exactly prepare for snow. austin has no appropriate clothing for snow, so i bundled her up just long enough to walk around in it (it was mostly ice), and take a few photos. she was wearing a 2-piece pajama set, socks, a 1 piece footed pajama, one of my hats, her coat, and her rain boots (that were really big on her).  she really liked walking around in it, until she fell down and got a little wet.  she also didn't like her hands touching it.
i gave her a little treat with her lunch on her "snow day..." a box of apple juice to handle herself.  she always drinks 1/2 juice, and 1/2 water out of a sippy cup, so she thought she was a big girl having juice with a straw!  :)


Grace said...

So sweet, I'm glad you got through the ice/snow storm well!!! Hope to see you soon...

southgrace said...

You are so lucky you got snow, all we got was rain :( Maybe next year...

Nickie said...

Yay SNOW! We still have snow on the ground. And a headless snowman (the first one fell over and crumbled about an hour after he was made) and two gigantic snowballs that were too heavy to pick up and put on the snowman. We got 4-5 inches here, depending on where you measured. And the kids just went back to school yesterday. We've had a snow week! I can't remember a time we've had this much snow, and for this long! Such a rarity in Mississippi!