Tuesday, January 11, 2011

catching up - part 1

i can't believe it's been so many days since i have blogged. i will try to catch up with this post.

but first... here is a little more bedhead... :)
friday, ben took us to lunch.  i splurged and got the shrimp basket, because i knew we wouldn't be going anywhere that night!  :)  it was so good!
austin and i went up to the church sunday afternoon to help with the preschool rooms. she played for the most part, and was really good. she's really into shutting doors. she can't stand to leave one open.
saturday morning, ben let me sleep in. when i got up, he had made breakfast. here is austin with her first ever piece of bacon. (that i know of! :))
we had a basketball game saturday afternoon. somehow, i managed to loose all 4 of our tickets. i don't know how in the world i did it, but i did. we were planning on staying at home, and some friends of ours offered us their tickets, which had belonged to some other friends that were out of town. so, thankfully, hollie hadn't made plans, so she kept austin, and ben and i got to go to our conference opener against alabama. which, by the way, was a horrible game. if our team plays like that all year, i don't really care to go! i don't think we'll be buying season tickets next year. :(  i got austin this outfit for christmas.  :)  her daddy loooooves it on her.
sunday morning was the day that we've waited for for a looooooooong time!!  it was the official launch of our new church!!
we have been so excited about this.  i had been really praying that God would just explode the place.  that people would come, and that He would be glorified.  well, we know that He is faithful, right??
i was sitting there waiting on the service to start, and people were trickling in.  about 5 minutes before go time, people were FLOODING in.  it was amazing!  every seat got filled, so they took the chairs from the preschool theater (50 more), and those were filled.  it was standing room only, and i heard that around 70 people were standing in the back.  all together we had an estimated 650 +/- including all preschool children and volunteers.
we were planning on going to 2 services by easter, and now we will be going to 2 services THIS sunday!  it is going to be a little crazy until everyone gets in their groove of volunteer times, but i pray that those seats will be filled again!


Unknown said...

love the pics girl! especially the first one :) glad y'all are doing well!

Anonymous said...

How amazing that many people showed up for Church, so happy it was such a success!
BTW, I am in love with that track suit. I have to find an LSU version for Grace.