Thursday, December 16, 2010

my favorite things... december edition.

after julianna and katie did this post, i thought it would be fun to do one too!  here are a list of my current favorite things... december edition.

these soaps are my new favorite.  austin has this scent (she got is as an early christmas gift from my mom), and i always feel good about bathing her in a natural soap.  it smells really fruity, and is supposedly a favorite with kids.  i don't think she care too much.  she's too busy eating the bubbles.  i can't wait to order some for myself!

this stuff is so yummy!  i'm usually not a fan of minty things in my coffee, but i loooove this!  next i want to try the white chocolate mudslide!

i have always loved these clothes for peanut, but lately, i have honestly become obsessed with them.  i shop the website at least once a week, and usually order from my trunk keeper at least once a month.

i have always loved this scent at christmas time.  i realize that it's very strong, so a lot of people hate it, but i love it.  since we don't have a real christmas tree, it give my house that tree smell.

y'all... this is the most amazing mascara that i have ever used i my LIFE.  no joke.  i got a free sample, and i will definitely be buying it.  i feel like i have fake lashes on, they are so full, thick, and long!!

ok, so there you have it.  my favorites... december edition.

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Julianna said...

uh...... WHY DIDNT I PUT THE MUDSLIDE ON MY FAVORITES!?!?! Were you wondering that because I raved about it for like AN HOUR to you the other day Urgh. Anyway, now you have me wanting to try that mascara. Full, thick, and long are my 3 favorite adjectives when describing eyelashes :)