Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's been a while... again.

i'm gonna try to play catch up...  bear with me.  :)

thursday, we my dad, stepmom, grandma, and ended up running into our friends ann marie and nan for dinner. we all sat together, and had a great time! i wish i had a photo of our table, but i'm horrible at remembering to take photos in situations like that. anyway, ben, me, ann marie, and nan were all on our way to see CHRIS TOMLIN!! woot woot! i have been SO excited to see him! he came to our church's largest campus, and it was amazing!  louie giglio and christy nockels were with him also!  my dad and stepmom took austin and sydney home with them to babysit while we went to the concert.
on friday, my mom and steve picked up austin and took her home with them.  my stepmom, ben, and i went to lunch with my cousin ginnie, so that we could meet her new baby, landrie!!  i was so excited to meet her!  she is 10 weeks old (i think that's what she told me?).  doesn't ben look thrilled to be in baby-mode again??  :)
after that, he and i went to a farm bureau convention.  i left on saturday afternoon to head to my mom's for christmas activities!  they took peanut to see santa clause that morning at their church.  they had "breakfast with santa," and there were crafts for the kids, and they got to take photos with santa, too.  she didn't scream this time, but gammy held her for their photo.  she "made" me her first ornament!  :)
and here is all of the things that she brought home...
saturday night, we went to a neighborhood christmas party, and met our parents' new neighbors!  sunday, their church had their christmas cantata performance.
they swore that austin did great in the nursery. who knows... :)
and let me make it known to the world that i got dressed for church in like 15 minutes that morning!  (i had fallen back asleep.  oops.)  after church we went to lunch, and austin was horrible, horrible, horrible!  none of us really enjoyed our meals!  she made me want to never take her to a restaurant again!  i guess that's what 1/2 or 1/4 of a nap will do to a baby girl.  she did get to take a long afternoon nap.  we left and came home monday after lunch.

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