Wednesday, December 22, 2010

getting ready

christmas is almost here!!  we have been doing all of the last minute running around to prepare, and still have more things to do!  i haven't even started buying groceries for our big christmas day meal!  i also haven't even started baking!  :(

austin prepared for the whole winter season by getting her flu shot!  if you don't have children, you probably don't realize that babies have to get a flu shot in 2 separate shots the first time that they ever get it.  next year she will be able to only have 1.  we did them a month apart.  so here she was waiting for her second shot earlier on this month.
i am a big believer in flu shots.  the 1 time that i didn't get it, i had the flu, and felt so bad that i really wanted to die.  i ended up in the e.r.  we all 3 got 1 this year.  she did so good with both of the shots.  she didn't cry for either one.  she was scheduled to have her 15 month shots and check up yesterday, but they called and asked me to postpone it because their office was over-run with the flu and strep.  i was happy to reschedule!  :)  even though this will throw us off schedule a little bit, and i have been so good about getting her shots exactly when they are due.  oh well.

hollie and i took her to see santa again on monday!  we waited in line for a long time, so we let her play in the play area some.  she had a blast, even though she really only stood there.  :)  she didn't want to get out.
hollie also took her on her first ever carosel ride.  she loved sitting on the horse while they weren't moving, but as soon as it started moving, she did NOT like it.
as you can see, hollie ended up holding her for the rest of the ride.  :)  she did much better with santa this trip!


fatim said...

She looks so cute! Hope's everything goes well on Christmas day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^_^

Kaycee said...

I love all of her adorable outfits!! And I hate the double dose of Flu shots for babies :(