Friday, December 17, 2010

fifteen months

  • you weigh 21 lbs.
  • you are 30 inches tall.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper.
  • your waist measures 15.5 inches!  skinny minnie!
  • you wear size 12-18 month clothes.  you are so skinny that you still can't wear most brands of pants.  old navy blue jeans still fit you best.  i have had to get all but 1 pair of your matilda jane pants taken in in the waist!
  • you are in a size 3 shoe, and we will be moving to a 4 i'm guessing right after christmas!
  • you are doing much better about keeping your bows in your hair.  i still can't get you to wear your hats.
  • you have done SO well with our christmas tree!  i was so nervous about you possibly pulling all of the ornaments off, but you only took 1 off, and it was one of your ornaments that looks like a toy.  you haven't done it again.
  • you haven't said any words that i can understand, but i think you try.  one word that i think you try to say is "diaper."  it sounded like, "di."  you will sometimes repeat "mama" and "dada" after me if i ask you to, but nothing else.
  • you are starting to really try to communicate things with me.
  • you are always hungry!  you beg for snacks all day long!
  • you do really well eating at restaurants sometimes.  other times you are a terror, and i swear that i will never take you back in a restaurant.  :)  of course, we always go back.
  • you pay more attention to things than i realize.  the other morning on t.v., someone blew a kiss.  i thought you were in la-la land, but you blew a kiss back and got so excited!
  • you lay in bed when you're supposed to be napping and make noises like "lalalalala."  :)  you have been fighting nap time SO bad lately.
  • you are finally a cow's milk drinker.  i quit mixing formula with your milk every day, and now you make a face when i try to give you formula.
  • you are constantly waving and flirting with strangers!  older people love to talk to you and hold you.  you LOVE attention.
  • you are starting to chew your food more, which is a relief for me!
  • you sleep all night, but you whine if you loose your paci, or wake up randomly.  most times you put yourself back to sleep.
  • you take a really good morning nap, and lately you have refused afternoon naps, which makes you very cranky.  :(
  • you have met santa clause a couple of times, and were not too fond of him.  you also met bully again, and didn't want him to hold you.
  • you still have only 6 teeth.  4 on top, and 2 on bottom.  you will get another one on top really soon, i think.
  • you have quit eating a lot of healthy things that you were eating.  i'm hoping this is a phase.
  • you know where things go in your room, and you will help me put them away.  mostly clothes and shoes.  which by the way, i think you will love shoes as much as me.  you are always getting them out of your closet and wanting them on your feet.
  • you are so sweet to sydney.  if you find one of her toys or blankets, you take it to her.  you love to give her "cookies," and you like to feed her her food, or yours.  i have to watch you carefully that you don't share with her.  you like to pet her and give her love.
  • you whine a lot during the day.  i'm hoping this is a phase too, but you are very clingy to me lately.
  • you love your new board books that have the lift-the-flap pictures.
  • you are starting to play more like a little person, and not a baby.  you will hold your play phone up to your ear like you are talking to someone, and you will love on and pat your baby dolls.  you will push a ball back and forth with me, and roll a car across the floor.
  • you love to blow kisses!
one year ago...
"the only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.  -joe houldsworth

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Ashley said...

She is such a doll! And so dainty too!