Monday, December 20, 2010

favorite toy, daddy, magnets, & rain jacket

of all of austin's new things from this weekend... this is her favorite. her veeerrrrryy favorite...
we went to the church yesterday morning to help set up the preschool rooms a little bit, and guess what she found... another one of these things...
she did spend a little daddy time coloring when we got home. or playing the music. whatever.
and reading...
and by the way, she has discovered magnets.
hollie and julianna came over yesterday afternoon so that we could exchange gifts.  they are so sweet, and we just love 'em.  :)  too bad that they're in college now, so we don't get to see them a lot.  anyway... once again, we got to tear paper... :)
could you not just roll over and die from the cuteness?!?!? i have been wanting her a mud pie rain jacket for the longest time, and they read my mind. :) thank you girls!  you can't really tell from this photo, but it's decked out with bows, ruffles, and the cutest liner.  and y'all... pu-leeze tell me that you have heard of mud-pie!  it is some of the CUTEST baby stuff ever!  the biggest size is 12-18 mo, so we've got to enjoy it while we can!  :)

and p.s. the name of that line is "wild child."  perfect match.


Grace said...

I think I'm more excited than Austin I wanted her that Jacket sooo bad!!!!

DeAnne C said...

I saw that jacket and those boots at Hancock's a few weeks ago and thought of Miss Austin! :) They are too cute! Cherish these times when you can dress her as you please!!! HA!

The Lindley Family said...

Too funny...Maggie got that same toy last year and she still LOVES it! Morgan and I found that same jacket at Mistletoe so Mary Milton has one just like it - they will be twinkies!