Tuesday, December 21, 2010

don't blink

i have people come up to me all of the time because of austin.  especially older people.  they love to play with her, talk to her, hold her... anything.

the other day i was in the grocery store.  she was whining and kept standing up in the seat, so i finally put her on my hip, and was pushing our buggy trying to get what i needed as fast as possible.

now, y'all mommas know exactly what i'm talking about.  you're frustrated.  you're tired.  your arm starts to hurt from carrying a toddler.  you have a hard time keeping your grocery list away from little hands.  you can't remember if you have enough cereal in the pantry.  you get the picture.

i turn down an aisle and stop to get something, and the sweetest older lady came up to us.  she started talking and smiling at austin, and austin immediately put her hand out to the lady.  they held hands as they "talked," and i was 1/2 way paying attention to them, and 1/2 way looking for BBQ sauce.

the lady looked me straight in the eyes and with the sweetest voice said, "don't blink, mama... you're gonna miss this."

i. almost. lost. it.

she went on to say, "before you know it, she will be grown up and moved away, just like mine are."  she kissed austin's hand, and we said our goodbye's.

i love it when God sends people like her to give me a reminder of what life is all about.
(this photo was taken by my dad the day after austin was born.  i just now saw it while they were here this weekend, and i fell in love with it.  i wish i could remember what i was thinking while looking at her and holding her those first days of her life.)


Ashley said...

That is so true! Thank YOU for reminding me of that today ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember one time I was grocery shopping with Ali Grace when she was around 2 or younger. It was horrible. It was when I shopped at Walmart once a month,so the buggy was full. Ali Grace would not sit down, so I was trying to hold her and push this buggy full to the rim plus it was cold and raining. This lady offered to help me and I bursted into tears. I felt like what have I done wrong and how embarrassing that strangers felt sorry for me. But she said the same thing to me and all mothers go through those type of moments. She said don't worry about people looking bc they have been through it or will one day. Now, Ali Grace is 4 who loves to shop! It is sad when you stop and think about how time flies. Merry Christmas!

The Lindley Family said...

I teared up reading this because I have been there many times and know the feeling of being frustrated trying to push a buggy (without running into someone or something) and hold a screaming child while trying to get her to quite down so that everyone will stop staring!! And even now, I am still usually frustrated because we have to get the "hard to steer" car-buggy and by the end of my trip no one is still in the car!!

We always should take time to slow down and enjoy!!! This weekend while standing in line at a store, Addison was just singing away many different Christmas carols and I thought how she was probably putting a smile on some of the bad mood last minute shoppers!