Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

santa definitely found his way to our house, and left austin this chair!  she was SO cute when she saw it!  it made our day!
the first thing she did was run back to her room, and grab this pop up toy.  y'all... she is crazy in love with that toy!  :)  she did love her new chair, too.

we had aunt mary's stollen for breakfast...
and then the grandparents came to open gifts!  she got a book to add to her dr. seuss collection...
some crayons and markers...
a chatterbox telephone (which she is constantly talking on!)...
ben and i got her this owl pillow and blanket to match her chair.  she LOVED them when she opened the box.  as you can see.  :)  i hope to do her room in these colors when we redo it after the toddler stage.
she got an insulated sippy cup, and you can see sydney in the background with some of her treats.
my mom got a piece of pottery for her collection that she's starting.  she doesn't look to thrilled about it in this photo.  ha!
we may have to wait a few more months to pull out the crayola gifts, but she enjoyed them for a little while.
i had to get my girl a chinese outfit. :) she has a dress, but it's a size 4, so i wanted her something that she can wear now.  the lady that i bought it from thought i was SO cool for being so interested in china.  ha!  she was impressed that i knew about chinese new year, because i mentioned that austin could wear this outfit to celebrate chinese new year.  she kept asking me if i knew about chinese culture, and i told her that i was trying to learn, and that i hoped to visit soon!  she said, "you are very interesting!"  ha!  she was probably thinking, "this american girl is crazy!"  :)
our sweet girl...
austin's gifts recap:
crayons, markers, color pages, ornaments, chinese outfit, msu suit, msu bow, dr. seuss book, princess board book box collection, puzzles, princess magnets, chatter box telephone, pajamas, clothes, pop up toy, barbie jeep, butterfly doll, baby einstein farm dvd, praise baby christmas dvd, money, gift card, books, winnie the pooh books and figurines, magna doodle, owl pillow and blanket, insulated foogo sippy cup, rain coat, baby gap sweater dress, leggings, and a crayola music board.

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