Monday, December 13, 2010

busy weekend!

we had a fun and busy weekend!  friday, we spent all afternoon in town shopping, and then ate dinner out.  ben and i test drove a couple of cars, and we can't get a peace about trading vehicles, so i think we've decided to wait, for now.  i was so excited about the possibility of upgrading to a larger suv, but oh well.  we will keep be-bopping around in our trailblazer.  ben keeps asking me why such a little person needs such a big vehicle.  i just do!  :)
saturday morning, we got up and went to the bakery for breakfast.  it was a fun little treat!  that night, hollie (aka, the best baby sitter ever) kept austin, and we had a christmas party with some friends from church!  we had a great time, and are SO thankful for the new friends that God has placed in our lives!  we are amazed every day that we have the opportunity to be a part of this church!  after that, we had a basketball game.  it was nice to have a night out! 
sunday afternoon we had a basketball game, and then hung around town until small group started.  peanut was SO horrible during small group!  i was soooo embarrased!  :(  she wasn't bad at all during the basketball game, so i think she got those 2 mixed up.  i would've rather her been horrible during the loud game!
she has been so off schedule in her naps lately!  even if we're at home, she will sometimes just refuse a nap, and then she is so ill that night.
we also have basketball games tonight and tomorrow night, but we're skipping tonight.  i'm excited for the break, and to be home for a change!!


Amy said...

Didn't Ben want a Tahoe when y'all got the Trailblazer & you thought the Tahoe would be too big??? ;) I myself would like to upgrade too, but I better wait. =) BTW, Austin's outfit is just way too CUTE!!!! =)

Grace said...

Cute photos of my baby!! Love ya,

B said...

Such an adorable outfit!! What a cutie pie!

Hollie said...

When I tell her "NO", she doesn't think I'm such a great babysitter! :) She still gives me loves though. HA!