Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wickedly cute halloween

we decided not to dress peanut up this year for halloween.  since we don't live in a neighborhood, we really don't have anywhere to trick-or-treet, and she's too little to chew any candy.  i sorta felt bad not dressing her up, but oh well.  i'm sure next year she will be more into it. (excuse sydney... she was mid yawn in this photo.)
we had a great day on sunday. ben and i got our house clean, for the most part, and caught up on laundry.
then we went to small group, and we had a great time!  i don't know where my brain was, but i totally forgot to take any toys for peanut to play with during small group.  oops.  she's the only child, so she usually just runs around and plays, but ben and i both had to have our turns taking her outside to play.
when we got home, she was so glad to get back to her toys.  notice the super cute black glittery converse-style shoes that she got for her birthday...

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Goodnight moon said...

That's okay...she is so young she doesn't know she missed out on anything. She looked cute in her little wicked shirt!