Saturday, November 6, 2010

a week recap

monday, we hung around the house. and played.  and learned to eat broccoli.  see previous post.

tueaday, we exercised our right to VOTE, and went to the polls.  peanut also practiced on her reading, which she pretty much does every day, several times a day.
she loooooves her babies.
she also started really drinking milk from a sippy cup good.  i've been mixing 1/2 toddler formula, and 1/2 whole milk, and she will drink it down.  whew, i'm glad that fight is over.
our matilda jane came in!  woohoo!!!
wednesday, peanut spent the day with her daddy so that i could make a doctor's appointment, and have a little alone time.  it was great for everyone!  i got a little shopping done, and peanut and daddy had a great time together!

on thursday, i took peanut to see santa clause!  our photographers had an open house, and santa stopped by!  she was scared. to. death.  she had a grip on me like never before!  poor thing.  i put her in his lap for a quick photo, but she was screaming and crying.  :(  she looked so darn cute, though....
friday, gammy and pepaw came into town!  we went to lunch at our local hometown restaurant, and had hamburgers for dinner.  my favorite!  peanut didn't technically wear maroon on friday, but she was still supporting the dawgs!  :)

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